Sailor Venus

adan wants me to gif sailor venus’ transformation for him. 

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Flower Power - Tiffany

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Title: American Beef Story

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fanliomgodeo: It has been so long since we last used this to say anything lol I love lil twat *kissie face*

why are you so cute?  2 more months. You’ll be able to make me ham and cheese quesadillas whenever i want. also cuddles and Korra. mmmm. soon ♥ 

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BESTie - Thank U Very Much

snsd’s most viewed performances (insp.)

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Born hater.

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welcome to the fringe club (;

#앞머리 신고식 !! 앞머리하면 빠닌데.. 오늘부터는 #yoontiff <3

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girls + chairs

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